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Also called “The Pearl of Bucovina”, the spa of Vatra Dornei is situated at 802 m altitude in the Dorna Depression, which is at the confluence of the Golden Bistrita River and the Dorna River, located 112 km from Suceava and 89 km from Bistrita Nasaud.
A continental climate with an alpine shade is distinctive for the area and an annual average temperature of 4.6 Celsius degrees. Dorna County is sheltered from winds being guarded by Carpathians Mountains which protect/befriend the area.
The heavy rainfalls and the relief organized in terraces favoured the development of a vast water table which emerges by mineral springs.
We can say that here is a veritable mineral water kingdom industrial exploited in Poiana Negri, Sarul Dornei and Floreni.

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Vatra Dornei is known as a spa for all ages, addressing to people who want to fortify their bodies by hiking the mountains or by winter sports, and who want to rest in a tonic bioclimate with a positive influence for the nervous system.

For the recovery of your health the natural factors of treatment offered by Vatra Dornei are represented by:

mineral waters: carbo gases, athermals, bicarbonates, calceus, magnesium's and sulfurous
natural mofettes of high purity and concentration of CO2
peat mud from Poiana Stampei

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