Dorna Turism presentation

SC DORNA TURISM SA is a representative company for the tourism in Buovina area which was founded in the year 1991 by overtaking the patrimony and the activity object of Balneo – Climaterica Vatra Dornei enterprise. 
In the last 5 years the company suffered major transformations, starting with the property over the shares and continuing with the management levels, resource administration, maintenance and permanent modernisation of the material base. All this have two targets:

  1. to draw and to satisfy all the need of a tourist
  2. developing on a medium and long term of the specific activity for tourist catering

So the investments realised in the period 2000 – 2006 have established a high new level of comfort  for the accommodation spaces, from 2 stars level of classification to 3 stars, and the number of places from the restaurants has been razed to 800.

Foto galery

Hotel Bradul - Calimani foto galery

The biggest achievement of the investments is represented by the new treatment and entertainment base, opened in the spring of 2006, which is the most up to date base in the country. The investment had the purpose of extending and modernizing the treatment base from the hotelier complex and the complete change of the medical equipment with new ones.
Concomitantly the entertainment part of this centre resolved the tourist need of spending his free time on autumn and spring rainy days. Therefore the offer of our new treatment base is made for a larger segment of tourists, to the ones that come for treatment as well for the tourists that came for entertainment, relaxation and sport, our advantage being that there is no such thing in the area.

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